If we are going to gain a clear understanding of the importance of powerful, scalable e-commerce software for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)/Direct Sales/Social Marketing businesses, then we must first take a look at e-commerce itself. E-commerce has a direct impact on Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies and their success, both in a direct and an indirect way. This type of commerce sets up Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) businesses to conduct business in an electronic manner, both online and over the phone. And with the right type of e-commerce software, these businesses are able to simplify their operations and take advantage of advanced options that facilitate growth.

What type of software is needed?

When choosing an e-commerce software for your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business, it is imperative that you assess whether or not it has features that will accelerate the sale of your products. The software needs to easily integrate with other software programs you may be using, and it needs to boast the following characteristics:

  • Reliable
  • User-friendly
  • Elegant design
  • Simple dashboard navigation

Any e-commerce software that you integrate into your overall Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business operation should also include some type of e-pin feature; this helps to ensure your transactions are secure and it also increases flexible transaction capabilities as well as enhances reporting system features. As the pin is used to perform transactions, customers feel much safer carrying out payment processing with your company.

Shopping for e-commerce software for your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company

As you shop around for e-commerce software for your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company, it is imperative that you first assess your specific needs. To do this, you will need to have a detailed business plan in place that can be referred to as you are shopping for the e-commerce software. And while all Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies are alike in some manner, they are actually all very distinct from one another, meaning not all will benefit from the same type of e-commerce software; this is why it is so important to choose a program that is flexible and scalable. As your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business evolves over time, you want the e-commerce software to be flexible enough to evolve as well. And as your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business grows, you want your e-commerce software to scale in its size too.

Also important when shopping for e-commerce software is that it provides top-notch security. All data that is stored in the system should be well-protected and the platform should come with a guaranteed privacy policy. Additionally, make sure you check to see what type of assistance is provided by the system to help you avoid spam issues. If you notice some parts of the e-commerce software don't meet your security needs, continuing shopping for a program that does. Security should be your primary concern.

What can a powerful e-commerce program do for your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company?

When you integrate e-commerce software into your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) operation, you will notice a variety of benefits. Detailed accounts of the following can be used to create operational reports:

  • Product purchase
  • Product orders
  • Delivery information and confirmation
  • Repurchases
  • Product registration
  • Quantity of products sold according to various timelines

Advanced shopping becomes simple with e-commerce software. Make sure you choose a program that is feature rich and allows you the ability to manage and sell unlimited products according to multi-currently checkout processes. Also, make sure the software enables you to print out detailed sales reports -- you will use these reports throughout various operations, including the evaluation of your marketing agenda.

You will also want to choose an e-commerce software platform that is customizable. The software should lead to the following:

  • Better collaboration between your associates
  • Better communication between associates and clients
  • Integration of add-on plugins
  • Support of multiple languages for global usage
  • Quick distribution of products
  • Reduction in lead times

Other features that are important to look for in an e-commerce software platform include:

  • Contact book
  • Full agenda and datebook
  • Sales team tiered reward system
  • Automated emails and custom invitations
  • On-site payment models, including ability to accept cash

The Takeaway

The objective of any successful Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business is to attract other clients who are willing to jump on board and sell your products/services. By giving them a user-friendly platform to view the earnings they accrue and the referrals they are able to obtain, they are much more likely to want to jump on board with your company. With the right software, you can easily integrate all operations of your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business and improve your overall success. From easier calculations to detailed sales reports, users can easily manage their networks and determine the areas they need to target to improve their income. Remember, not all Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) businesses are going to be successful. It takes determination and the ability to manage large amounts of data to see where referrals are most likely to turn into new clients. With the right e-commerce platform, like Magento, your Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business can be on its way to the next level of success.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) has also been called pyramid selling, network marketing, direct sales, and referral marketing. It’s known as a marketing strategy where the workforce is considered independent consultants, salespeople, distributors, consultants or promoters and they earn revenue or gifts for selling the company's products/services.

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