Information Technology is an ongoing growth enabler and to keep up with the raising demand companies realize to focus on their core business and to allow IT vendors to help them fill the gaps. Furthermore existing IT technologies are not only being influenced by new technologies but are part of more frequent IT life cycles – which means some technologies become outdated faster than others. With all these variables it becomes critical to find the right IT service partners. IT service partners train their employees on a routine basis thereby providing fresh skills and also take on work to help you scale with your business effectively.

MW2 Software Development Lifecycle Methodology

  1. Research
  2. Technical Specification & Architecture
  3. Prototyping
  4. Rapid Development
  5. Test & Deploy
  6. Release Management & Support

Fast2Commerce Software Development Methodology

MW2 Solutions Remote Managed Services is an all in one database infrastructure support team, providing customers with 24*7 monitoring and issue resolution as well as a range of support services from maintenance tasks to holistic reviews and planning services.

MW2‘s Managed Services Team aligns with your company’s requirements to determine areas of criticality and thresholds of importance to keep your infrastructure running smoothly, during peak business hours, or off hours. MW2’s extensive background in providing remote managed services has led to the development of recommended areas of focus and best practices. MW2 is also ever-evolving and flexible, with the ability to create new, custom
tools in the case of your special requirements, systems, or SLAs.

Beyond our 24*7 monitoring and response, MW2 also offers a variety of support services (ie: tasks) that can be completed on your behalf. Our staff can align to work o these tasks directly with, or in lieu of your in-house staff; giving you the ability to free up your staff for other priorities.

MW2 brings a few key values to our Managed Services customers:

Reliable 24*7 monitoring and issue resolution

Expert in-house technical expertise from our Oracle experts

Extensive experience & knowledge of Oracle services across many

Areas to Outsource

Many companies struggle with the question whether to hire employees or hire IT Outsourcing vendors. Often companies do both. When companies consider certain areas core to their business and see a full utilization then naturally they choose employees. However, when business demands are increasing and deadlines are to be met an IT Outsourcing partner provides the flexibility to scale up quickly and also provides a skill set which is not available in-house.

Time and Money

Typically vendors base their price either on resource/contractor rates or a fixed bid. Sometimes companies perceive rates as high and therefore believe employees offer a cheaper alternative. Now, that is true if employees can be fully utilized throughout the year. However, often that is difficult to accomplish, especially when projects are of short-term nature. Also, keep in mind the overhead associated with hiring employees. Contractor rates cover the important overhead cost as well, i.e. insurances, training, workspace, computer equipment, vacation, HR related costs, management cost.

Being experts in all IT areas are very difficult to accomplish. Vendors offer an advantage since they do it frequently and professionally i.e. website design, implementation and integration services, cloud services and even internet and email services. Doing this only infrequently may lead to higher cost of ownership, missed deadlines, or missing to meet certain requirements.

Managed IT Services/IT Support

Many IT Outsourcing providers offer managed IT Services which you can procure as a contingent of
hours per day for example or based on SLA services. This way you can outsource either mundane tasks
(which are clearly not the core of your business) or just pay for things you need when you need them.

Managed IT Services:

Custom SW Development

  • Mobile Application
  • Web Application

Packed Solutions

HP Software

  • HP BSM and ITSM
  • HP Quality/Testing

SEO Audit and Strategy

Real-time Retail Price Analyics & Optimization