How security greatly enhances user confidence on your site

When it comes to earning trust and converting traffic on your site, one must integrate security measures to build the customer’s confidence. With this being said, we’re going to cover some of the specifics that not only enhance trust for your customers… but build their confidence when it comes to using your service. With this being said, here’s a look at different security measures to enhance trust on a website.


If the site looks like a reliable place to provide any personal information, it’s likely due to the fact that the site looks professional. Visitors evaluate the professionalism of the site as soon as they start checking out how it navigates (or if there’s any technical issues on the user end). In addition to navigation, users are also more likely to make a purchase if the site has an incredible design that makes the shopping experience pleasurable. Such things customers look for are:

  • The speed/loading times of the site.
  • How easy it is to use the site.
  • The layout of the site.
  • How consistent the site is.
  • If spelling errors exist on the site.
  • If any of the links are broken.

Getting To Know You & Your Business

People enjoy getting to know who they’re buying from before making a purchase. Thankfully, the Internet is a excellent resource for finding information regarding a business. To save the customer some time when it comes to finding out who you are, create an “About Us” page so that traffic can easily identify who is in charge of the service and why the service is deserving of a customer’s hard earned cash. The best approach (as an owner) is to humanize the information so that the customer can easily relate to who is providing the service. After knowing that real people are behind the operations, the customer is more likely to make a purchase.

Contacting Is Easy

Customers don’t want to feel left in the dark if they have a question. However, providing an email, physical address, or a phone number can quickly rid a potential customer of their worries in the event of assistance. Some sites have been successful with a live chat function if a customer is in need of help. In addition to this, if a customer needs to return a product or needs more information they can swiftly send a message to have their problem addressed.

Advertise Your Security

The more security the customer is aware of, the more likely they will be to continue using your service. In many situations, security features can make or break a sale when it comes to making a final purchase. Another thing to advertise would be the fact that the customer’s information isn’t going to be sold, reused, or stolen. Customers enjoy having their privacy, so selling their information for a buck can cause bring negative results and drive traffic away from a business. Creating privacy and security policies (that are hard to miss on the site) help drive the message that the customer’s information is safe with your business.

Offer Exchanges, Returns & Guarantees

Customers like to know that your service will still be around after a sale or purchase is made. In addition to giving the customers confidence, these policies greatly increase conversion rates. Another great idea is to affirm the customer that your business abides by the law. Doing so lets them know that your business isn’t pulling any tricks when it comes to making a sale or having customers come back for all the wrong reasons.

Security Measures On Back End

Make sure your business is handling security measures on the back end and all issues are accounted for. Breaches in security happen fairly often in the online marketplace, so keeping tabs on your business handlings can be a deciding factor if someone wants to continue communication with your business. Excellent advice would be keeping minimal customer information so that if a security breach occurs, minimal damage takes place and it doesn’t harm the business (or the customer).

Considering the information above, the more money spent on security only enhances the trust and reliability of your service. Spending money to make money ring true in these cases, as it is the deciding factor on whether or not a customer wants to use your service.

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