Increasing traffic with SEO is an excellent way to spread the word of your website and generate new or unique traffic to your service. Unfortunately for some businesses, SEO is the sole purpose of the traffic visiting the site (which can eventually lead to serious problems). It is very important that a business knows what kind of unique traffic is visiting their site, as it’s still possible to operate business… without a main source of traffic visiting the site. With this being said, we’re going to focus on how a business can still increase the traffic on their site without having to rely on SEO techniques.

All Website Traffic Isn’t Equal

It should be mentioned that all website traffic isn’t equal. Many target the groups that generate ROI than the traffic that isn’t generating ROI, which leads to the other traffic being overlooked. Although the high traffic numbers can do a lot for a website’s ego, the numbers are strictly for vanity metrics if they aren’t being put to use. To put this into perspective, 100 visits coming from people looking for your service isn’t the same as a thousand visits from people ending up on your website. This scenario makes it important that businesses take advantage of unique visits if their sole source of traffic goes elsewhere.

Utilizing Online Advertising

It’s no secret that an effective online advertising campaign can generate phenomenal results for your website. This is mostly due to ad platforms innovating their methods when putting campaigns in front of the users who are likely to respond to your service and check out what you have to offer. This has been proven in the United Kingdom, as digital ad expenses rose to 13.4% in 2015 (which is in comparison to 2014).

Unfortunately, many businesses enter online advertising without considering how to utilize the unique traffic…, which leads to businesses throwing away their funds for useless popularity. Figuring out ways to generate ROI from advertisements is an excellent long term approach towards online advertising since most of the traffic advertising can pull in means nothing (unless you’re turning a profit).

A Deeper Understanding of Online Advertising

Let’s break advertisements down into two separate thought processes. Such thought processes are:

  • Advertising What People Want – Would potential customers want your service?
  • Advertise That Will Urge Them To Click  What kind of advertisement from your service would urge someone to click on your ad?

Although much of this relies on your instinct as a business and what your service is providing, it’s important to consider the ad itself and where the ad is being targeted. The design of the ad is in regards to the image and copy, which is one of the many factors that come into play if a potential customer decides to click on an advertisement. If you’re having a hard time coming up with an idea, feel free to check out a competitor’s ad to see what they’re missing (and where you can shine with your own advertisement). An excellent tool to utilize for this is called a swipe file. A swipe file is how you can keep record of the ads that encouraged you to click on what they were offering. Once you have collected a few advertisements, study what may have made you click them and what made them work so well. Once you’ve made an assessment, it’s time to put that assessment to good use and apply it to your campaign (once you’ve deduced what makes the ads work).

Considering the information above, advertising without SEO isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Spending money to make money still rings true in the online advertising world, but the longevity relies on the intent for profit once the money is spent on an online marketing campaign.