If you’re familiar with Magento ecommerce’s seemingly endless capabilities, it’s about time you’ve become acquainted with Magento 2. If you are not, definitely keep reading to learn more about what this powerful ecommerce platform can do for your business. With this being said, we’re going to cover what Magento 2 is capable of and why you’ll have a hard time imagining work in the ecommerce world without it. Here’s a look at Magento Ecommerce 2 and the bells
and whistles of this incredible product.

What Is Magento 2?

Magento 2 is essentially everything businesses loved about the first Magento… but so much more. The long list of new improvements begin with its platform, in which e-commerce merchants are able to innovate and create the best customer experiences available… regardless of the channels or devices it’s being used on. The Magento 2 is the ultimate experience for endless scalability, incredible performance, and rich functionality. In addition to all this, Magento 2 provides seamless integration with all major third-party platforms available on the market.

Magento 2 & The Shopping Experience

Magento 2 offers some of the most advanced features so your customers can truly enjoy their shopping experience. The feature-rich program improves conversion, increases sales, and turns customers into honest advocates of your brand. Such excellent features include:

  • Advanced features for content managing.
  • Improved merchandise settings.
  • A shorter (and faster) checkout system.
  • Responsive design out of the box.
  • Layered searching and navigation.
  • The ability to personalize content.

Magento 2 & Loyalty

The features Magento 2 offers benefit customer and client to a point whereas the shopper is driven to shop local (which leads to your business). In addition to what’s described above, Magento 2 ‘s loyalty features reward customers, stimulate the chance for re-occurring purchases, and improve the shopper’s engagement with your service. Other detailed loyalty options include:

  • The ability to order in bulk.
  • The ability to make private sales.
  • The ability for customers to create wish lists.
  • The ability to register gifts and/or cards through a service.
  • The ability to build in-store credit.
  • The ability for customers to build reward points.

Magento 2 & Deployment

Since Magento 2 can easily integrate with major third party platforms, it provides a wide opportunity to customize what one has already established with programs used previously. If that doesn’t sound excellent enough, Magento 2 has various experts to assist one if they have any trouble with deployment or
issues integrating it with their established third party platform. Such excellent deployment features of Magento 2 include:

  • The ability to work with a global network of partners
  • Easy to use maintenance and upgrades
  • Very flexible methods for deployment
  • The complete control over a platform’s design scheme
  • The seamless integration with every major third party solution
  • Almost infinite levels of customization

Magento 2’s Performance & Scalability

Magento 2 is here to provide e-commerce with the most engaging experiences and fastest running websites on the market available for businesses. By providing this platform, Magento 2 can handle any enterprise level traffic (as it grows at an accelerated rate). The platform perks include:

  • Support for large/growing businesses
  • Faster site performance
  • Comprehensive scalability

Magento 2 & Business Productivity

If one is looking to streamline communications without the need for IT support… look no further than Magento 2. The backend of Magento 2 is easy to manage and has plenty of tools to keep up with the ever-changing e-commerce world. Such excellent productivity features are:

  • Support for multiple currencies and languages
  • Enhanced tools for customer account management
  • An advanced order management system including returns
  • An incredible analytic and reporting solution setup
  • A visual merchandiser
  • A simple (but powerful) administrative system

Magento 2 & Support

If being left out in the cold is a fear when it comes to having issues with a program, the technical staff with Magento 2 is on hand to help you every step of the way. Offering 24/7 technical support, Magento 2 is the service you can depend on… regardless if you’re an expert or novice operating with the
platform. Such support features include:

  • Account management support
  • Security support
  • Technical support

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Our team has been working on developing extensions, getting trained on the new system, and have spent hundreds of hours now learning how to best implement Magento 2.0. Our team has gone through extensive Magento 2.0 training. We’ve gone through both front-end and back-end certifications courses from Magento, and have completed our Capstone Exercises for Magento 2.0. We’ve spent more than 100 hours of internal developer time working on new modules and functionality, and have new test servers just for Magento 2.0

Who Is MW2 Consulting?

We at MW2 focus on optimizing online and e-Commerce businesses to increase revenue, traffic, site engagement, conversion, and loyalty. Our team has over a decade of experience in e-commerce business management across the US, Asia and Europe. We have managed projects for many of the Internet Retailer top 50 in both B2B and B2C segments and we have developed a sophisticated business blueprint that will drive metrics we develop together.

With offices located throughout the world, MW2 is well positioned to respond to our clients’ demands. MW2’s combination of professional and mobile consultants, proven best practices and methodology, and technical expertise allows our clients to realize their Business IT goals in a timely and cost efficient manner.