Multi-Level Marketing Model Suite

Implementation and support for multi-level marketing business models integrated with Magento platforms. Custom solutions tailored to support and grow consultant and distributed sales teams.

Give your sales representatives the tools they need to succeed

Equip your sales team throughout the sales process with everything they need to succeed, from scheduling and outreach to on-site payment processing and order fulfillment. It's fully customizable to meet the needs of any multi-level marketing model.

Custom Templates

Take advantage of customizable templates to suit consultant channels, affiliates, and smaller companies selling your products.

Provide incentive sales programs that increase the bottom line

Easily create tiered rewards to increase sales team engagement and performance. Easily track results and provide automated store discounts, gifts, and cash rewards based on performance.

Quickly expand your multi-level marketing channels with a full suite of features

Automated emails and Custom Invitations
Magento Integrated and Optimized
On-site Payment Models Including Cash
Full Agenda and Date Book
Contact Book
Sales Team Tiered Reward System

Some of our related work


Helping an iconic brand modernize their pioneering direct sales model of home party selling through a new Magento 2 platform.

Stella & Dot

Migration onto a new Magento platform and implementation of tools and features to support their unique direct sales business model.

MW2 is the complete package. All of the work was done in house and always on schedule and budget. Their understanding of ecommerce and usability is a huge factor in the success of this project as well as our other brands at Honeywell.

Director of Ecommerce

MW2 has become our trusted partner. Their hybrid resource model not only saved us in dollars but in time to market with our products. They quickly showed us how to overcome our previous failures with Magento projects. They help to continually contribute to new ideas and features to grow our business.

Chief Technology Officer

5 of 5 stars. MW2 has done well with handling tight deadlines!

VP of Ecommerce

In MW2 we found an extremly reliable global Magento System Integrator who helped us to build a highly flexible and responsive commerce platform to offer all of our customers the best buying experience. MW2 offers everything we needed: professionalism, commerce leadership, deep technical knowledge of Magento 2, and expertise around our SAP and CRM/Microsoft systems.


Project management is one of their true strengths—they’re masters at it.


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