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What Is Magento Social?

It is a fact that social media is where more and more people spend their time. In the past year alone social media’s active users grew by 21 percent. Today people use social media for more than sharing personal pictures and life announcements - social media is how customers actively engage with companies. Whether people are sharing what they like, or complaining about a product, social media outlets such as Facebook have become the online hub for users to share their experiences. In fact, studies show that around 86 percent of people follow brands they like on social media. Another 75 percent of customer’s purchases can be credited to social media as well.

The number one spot for companies to go when it comes to social media is Facebook - the platform has 1.5 billion users. But to leverage the power of Facebook can be a complicated process.

Enter Magento Social.

Magento Social turns social commerce on Facebook into a simple process that efficiently integrates a Facebook shop with Magento Commerce. Here are just a few of the quality features merchants will find in Magento Social:

  • Automatic updating of product listings on a regular basis
  • Customers can quickly like and share favorite products
  • Every product comes with icons making it easy for customers to share
  • Create Facebook ads for products in just a few clicks

ecommerce through magento

Magento Social is a bundled extension with Magento 2.2, making it easier than ever to access the great features of this quality product.

Why Magento Social?

Merchants need a robust social commerce strategy to keep their brands strong. Strong brands turn followers into customers. Moreover, active brands turn customers into loyal customers. Customer acquisition starts with the right social media strategy. Magento Social can help merchants do the following:

  • Increase revenue flow and turn social media into a profit center
  • Spread the word about brands and products
  • Make the public more aware company brands
  • Promote sharing and liking on social media platforms
  • Connect with a company’s target audience

Magento Social helps merchants create a social media strategy and platform to acquire new customers from markets that may have not previously existed. Continuous promotion equates to increased brand recognition.

The Power Of Advertising

In today’s marketplace, Facebook advertising is a must for any serious merchant. Revenues from Facebook ads are projected to be $23 billion in the coming year. But how can merchants navigate through the process and stand out from the crowd?

Magento Social does the work, making social media advertising simple. With Magento Social merchants can:

  • Easily create ads
  • Develop targeted social ad campaigns
  • Design ad copy that automatically populates with product images and descriptions
  • Intelligently optimize ads
  • Monitor budget and performance through machine learning technology
  • Decide how to allocate advertising dollars best

With Magento Social, merchants now can create Facebook ads from their eCommerce site in real time. In this day and age merchants need to create ads that are relevant to consumers needs. It is the only way to drive customer engagement.

Magento Social’s Key Features

ecommerce through magento

Magento Social gives merchants one of the best ways available today to drive better results and reach more buyers. By directly integrating with Magento Commerce, merchants have a robust set of tools to reach customers right at their fingertips. WIth Magento Social merchants and businesses can:

  • Create a Streamlined Social Store - Magento Social automatically creates storefronts on all of the top social networks. Merchants can quickly engage existing customers and expand by attracting new customers.
  • Extract From The Magento Digital Commerce Product Catalog - The ability to sync with and integrate into the Magento Commerce catalog is an effortless process that takes no time at all. Merchants can now keep everything up-to-date - products, descriptions, and prices - automatically.
  • Easily Integrate Third-Party Content - By combining Magento Social with Magento Business Intelligence, merchants now can use analytics with social media to see the bigger picture. Learning about advertising ROI and growth-drivers has never been simpler.

Is Magento Social Right For Me?

Magento Social completely integrates with Magento Commerce and is an excellent add-on to Magento Business Intelligence. If you are not sure, Magento Social is free to try from the Magento marketplace. After that, it is only $35/month.

In today’s marketplace, content beats advertising. A customer’s experience over social media goes much further than any old advertisement ever could. That is why with Magento Social, merchants have the power to transform their customer base and ultimately their business.