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What Is Magento Shipping?

Magento Shipping (Temando) is the multicarrier solution from Magento Commerce. It streamlines operations and provides superior customer service for any business. The program helps retailers and different brands through automated shipping and fulfillment services. Merchants can now turn shipping into a revenue stream.


Merchants now have access to regional and international carriers that automate their fulfillment.

Designers built Magento Shipping with a few specific points in mind. The platform helps merchants link up with international carriers. It pushes customers to into conversions in the checkout cart while growing revenue. Moreover, it automates fulfillment procedures and lowers any costs related to shipping.

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Why Magento Shipping?

Shipping is an often overlooked business catalyst for merchants today. But shipping is a bigger deal than most think. For example:

  • Shipping accounts for 50 percent of cart abandonment.
  • Eighty-six percent of consumers expect to have shipping options in their shopping carts.
  • It takes 1-2 days to ship an order for 34 percent of enterprise retailers.

So what does this mean for merchants? With Magento Shipping, merchants have an end-to-end program that gives them greater control. Greater control results in reduced cart abandonment. Magento Shipping assists merchants in creating business efficiencies. The ultimate goal of these efficiencies is to help companies grow faster.

There are definite impacts to having shipping options available to customers at checkout. They are of immense benefit to merchants.

  • 75 percent of merchants report reduced numbers of shopping cart abandonment
  • 78 percent of merchants find that shipping options give them greater flexibility. It allows them to ship to a more substantial geographical area.
  • 84 percent of merchants say shipping options at checkout helped them better meet shipping deadlines
  • 86 percent of merchants report increased sales and higher customer satisfaction

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Streamlining Operations With Magento Shipping

Magento Shipping allows merchants to connect with shipping carriers all over the world. Right away, users receive access to some of the best carriers in the world - straight out of the box.

  • With Magento Shipping, access to global carriers is instant.
  • There are no steep learning curves and no painful “get-up-to-speed” moments. Users access the Magento admin experience that is intuitive and integrated.
  • It is a platform that fits the needs of merchants - users can create compliant labels and documents.
  • With Magento Shipping, rate tables are a thing of the past.

This platform is a fantastic opportunity to build an all-new customer experience.

How Shipping Drives Customer Loyalty and Opens New Revenue Streams

Magento Shipping is all about the customer experience. It is about turning that experience into higher conversion rates. That is why merchants can display shipping options conveniently and dynamically. It is the first step in keeping delivery promises to customers. Parameters allow merchants to set up rules to control price and shipping options. Customers have full visibility. Merchants can create shipping services that are in sync with their brand.

Consider it a superior cart-to-door service.

The Key Benefits of Magento Shipping

Magento Shipping is a scalable platform. It succeeds in addressing a multitude of merchants needs. Shipping is, in fact, one of the most significant “pain points” for merchants. With Magento Shipping, those “pain points” are a thing of the past. Look at what Magento Shipping can do:

  • Automate Fulfillment - pack and send packages from any location with any carrier. The entire process is set up with easy to program automation rules.
  • Speed Up Time To Market - The API-based infrastructure connects to third-party providers. It does so with speed, scalability, and reliability.
  • Reducing Costs - Advanced packing intelligence ensures accurate billing.

When it comes to reducing costs, nothing can beat Magento Shipping. The program's advanced rules and processes can transform a business. Merchants can apply order allocation rules by location. Accurate quoting and rating is available through the use of built-in intelligent controls.

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An Approach To Shipping That Benefits Everyone

Magento Shipping is a new and exciting approach to shipping. It is unique in that it is beneficial to both merchants and partners.

  • The platform is a pre-integrated, end-to-end shipping solution.
  • It can be used right out of the box with easy setup and activation.
  • New carriers and carrier features are available without extension updates.
  • The system has built-in conflict checks.

Magento Shipping solves the problem of cart abandonment. It creates efficiencies to help any merchant grow their business.