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What Is Magento Social?

Magento Order Management in Magento 2 is a platform agnostic, standalone offering capable of integrating with any front-end sales channel or back-end system. The platform helps businesses organize customer encounters over sales and fulfillment channels through information gathering. It is the ideal order management system, assisting merchants to sell by fulfilling orders directly from stores efficiently.

Order Management in Magento 2 offers seamless processes for order organization, shipping, order status, and even refunds. It has everything a business needs to increase revenue through an order-fulfillment operation that keeps customers coming back.

ecommerce through magento

The Benefits of Magento Order Management (MOM)

Order Management in Magento 2 is a flawless system that aids merchants and businesses in increasing revenue through efficiency and control. Some of the many benefits of the updated platform include:

  • Cloud-based - Magento Order Management is a cloud-based, SaaS system. The platform is self-hosted and held under the strictest security.
  • Distributed Order Management - Users can spread a single view across channels. Orders are routed correctly to their fulfillment locations.
  • Omnichannel Fulfillment - The system uses metrics to determine the best possible fulfillment scenario, including location, logistics, lowest shipping costs, and fastest fulfillment.
  • In-Store Fulfillment - A wide-array of tools are available to allow merchants to pick and pack, create shipping documents, and for the support of carrier integration and endless aisle.
  • Global Inventory Management - Merchants can track inventory at any node, with a fully visible list.
  • Customer Service - All order related information is at the merchant’s fingertips, ensuring customer satisfaction. Information provided includes return management, appeasements, exchanges, and cancellations.

Most importantly, when it comes to payments and risk, Magento assumes all fraud liability. Magento 2 Order Management gives businesses 14 percent higher than the industry average.

How Does It Work?

Merchants need to be able to react to customer demand quickly. Magento Order Management gives businesses a complete, real-time overview of the entire process - both customers and inventory. The system accomplishes this goal by:

  • Optimizing the Utilization of Inventory - The system helps merchants use their stock to the fullest through increased velocity, higher turns, and lower inventory carrying costs.
  • Increasing Retail Sales - Magento Order Management can improve same day sales while increase foot traffic into retail locations. On the same token, the system helps by reducing lost sales and reducing out-of-stock situations.
  • New Channel Expansion - Merchants can capture orders from multiple channels, and use the system to point the right inventory to the proper channels based on business rules.
  • Lowering Cost of Ownership/ Speeding Up Time to Market - Merchants can use the Magento ecosystem to implement an omnichannel vision, with competitive pricing.

Magento Order Management Workflow

ecommerce through magento

Magento 2 Order Management workflow may seem complicated at first, but it is a breeze once implemented. The user-friendly design works as follows:

  • Placing Orders - Once a customer clicks on the “Checkout” button, it creates orders instantly. It requires no further actions on the administrative side.
  • Order Status - Initial orders are put into a pending status, allowing either side to cancel the order at any time. The system provides for various default statuses, including, new, pending, processing, complete, canceled, and closed. A significant feature of the platform allows users to create their own statuses as well.
  • Invoice Creation - If customers pay by credit card, invoices are automatically created. However, if customers pay by check, money order, or bank transfer, an admin will have to enter an invoice manually. Once the system or an admin creates an invoice, a copy is automatically emailed to the customer.
  • Shipping Details - Once a customer chooses a shipping address the merchant has merely to print a shipping label and let the customer know that the order is on its way.

In this day and age, 91 percent of customers demand to know an ETA for their order. Another 61 percent prefer to order online and pick-up in store. Magento Order Management in Magento 2 allows for this to happen effortlessly with no problem whatsoever.

A Quick Fix

The most significant benefit of Magento Order Management is in how the system handles the inevitable customer hiccup. Merchants can cancel and create re-orders by copying existing orders in the system. Customers can make quick re-orders of completed orders already in the system as well. Finally, giving the occasional customer refund is quick and easy with the Credit Memo process - a process that allows users to keep memos with refunds. Magento Order Management keeps things simple when it comes to back orders as well.

Is Magento Order Management For Me?

Today’s customers are savvy and demanding. Eighty-six percent of customers want to buy online and return their item to the store. Seventy-three percent of customers want to ship directly to the store. And a multitude of customers - 81 percent - believe store associates are uninformed. The question is, can you afford not to have Magento Order Management on your side?