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What is Magento Open Source

Magento Commerce is an open-source platform and offers a free version for download called Magento Open Source (previously Magento Community. You will also need to understand what open source is before you choose a product of this type. Think about most types of software that you could purchase for your computer. Have you ever noticed just how specific they are about what other programs they will work with and on what types of computers they will work? Open source is a different idea that involves the belief that you should not be tied down to this.

ecommerce through magento

Instead, open-source means that software can work on almost any platform and can easily be redistributed. When you choose open source software, you will have an extensive amount of freedom when it comes to using it than you would with anything else. Because of this, many people feel that there is a definite advantage to using software of this type.

This version is excellent for a small business looking to expand into ecommerce or existing small ecommerce stores running other platforms such as Shopify, WooCommece, etc.... It will give you the ability to have an online store with tons of customized options to make your store stand-out in the crowded marketplace. Some the best features Magento Open Source offers (for free!) are:

  • Integrated PCI Compliant Payment Solutions
  • Marketing Tools for Promotions and Landing Pages
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer/Order Management System
  • Shipping and Freight Integrations

To get started you will need a web hosting company and if you are not an experienced Magento developer, you will need one to customize Magento. Contact MW2 for a free analysis. Also, be sure to check out our blog post offering comparisons of the various Magento versions.