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What is Magento and is it right for you?

Magento Commerce is a platform designed specifically to cater to those business owners who wish to sell their products or services online. This product is designed to offer flexibility in a number of ways. Some of the standard specifications of a Magento Commerce product would include the following:

  • Open source platform – you will not be tied down to one company or operating system to make use of this software.
  • User control over such things as website online catalog and online storefronts.
  • Designed for eCommerce businesses from medium to large in size.
  • Options and tools for marketing promotions.
  • Easy search engine optimization.
  • Multiple image product pages with zoom.
  • International options for language and currency accepted.
  • Flexible shipping controls.
  • Easy to use order management tools.
  • A dashboard that includes analytics for site details.
  • Supports multiple storefronts.
  • Layered navigation for better customer experience.
  • Optimized for mobile commerce browsers including iPhone.
  • Integrated checkout system.
  • Support for a variety of payment options.
  • Support for customer accounts for easy reorders and order history.

ecommerce through magento

There is a variety of products offered through Magento Commerce so that each online business can tailor their software to their own online needs.