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The 4 Magento Extensions & Plugins Every Site Should be Using

Magento has a great developer network of extensions to add new capabilities and functionality very easily. It's like the Apple App Store of the Ecommerce Open Source world. Let's cover the must have Magento Extensions & Plugins you site should be using.

Magento 1.x - 4 Must Have Extensions

Amasty One Step Checkout

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Easily add this one step checkout process to your Magento store. This extension upgrades the default Magento checkout and makes it so customers stay on a single page during the purchase process.

  • Increase yours sales conversion and reduce your abandoned carts
  • Option to combine Cart and Checkout into one page
  • Easily change your check out sections layout and display of fields via Magento Admin

More info about Amasty One Step Checkout

Aheadworks Ultimate SEO Suite

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SEO Teams are always battling the duplicate content issue, especially on Magento 1 stores. This extension adds extended capabilities not found out of the box in Magento 1.x

  • Canonical URL on product pages in the head section
  • Sitemap Canonical URLs
  • Google Sitemap Canonical URLs
  • Split Google Sitemap into separate files per Google's requirements
  • Google Images Sitemap Support
  • Multi-Store Support

More info about Aheadworks Ulitmate SEO Suite

Magestore Social Login

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The Magestore Social Login extension allows you to connect to popular social networks like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more in order to speed up the customer registration process.

  • 18 social accounts to choose from
  • Ability for customers to update new password to separate account from social
  • Custom position of social login bar
  • Ability to redirect to any page via settings in Magento Admin

More info about Magestore Social Login

Amasty Blog Pro

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With the Amasty Blog Pro extension, stores can easily add a blog to their ecommerce site to enrich customer experiences with a mix of content and products.

  • Comes with a responsive layout design
  • Numerous widgets to plugin
  • Customize the appearance of posts
  • Optimize posts to be SEO friendly

More info about Amasty Blog Pro

Magento 2.x - 4 Must Have Extensions

Amasty Google Rich Snippets

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While Magento did address some SEO issues in the Magento 2 platform, it still lacks the ability to setup Google rich snippets. These will improve your search engine rankings and are easy to setup with this extension. Highlight necessary information in search results to increase your website visibility and draw highly targeted traffic to your store.

  • Enable Breadcrumbs
  • Generate with company name and logo
  • In Search Results, ability to display search input box on home page

More info Amasty Google Rich Snippets

Aheadworks Social Login

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The Social Login extension allows customers to login via social network accounts with a click of a button.

  • Customer account can be created via social login
  • Customer can tie existing Magento store account to social login
  • Customer Social login buttons available at login and checkout pages

More info about Aheadworks Social Login

Amasty Blog Pro

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Blog Pro for Magento 2 provides a responsive design and customizable layout settings. Each post allows for SEO friendly meta information to the posts and categories.

  • Customize Blog post layouts
  • Allow and manage comments
  • Customers can share on social networks

More info about Amasty Blog Pro

Aheadworks Who Bought This Also Bought

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The Who Bought extension provides your customers with insights to what other customers are buying similar to their product. It automatically adds products to a related product block.

  • Automated related productss
  • Admin can choose where to place block on a product, category or shopping cart page

More info about Amasty Blog Pro

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