Magento Business Intelligence (BI) Expertise

Data-driven decisions are used every day by the leading digital commerce companies and with Magento Business Intelligence, your company can leverage Magento Business Intelligencemonitor business health by tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like Average Order Value, Customer Lifetime Value, Retention rates, etc.

Custom tailored Magento Business Intelligence Solutions

Create Powerful Dashboards & Reports


Create Powerful Dashboards & Reports

Using our team of Business Intelligence Developers and Architects, we can build your custom dashboards and reports to drive your business forward. Magento offers 2 versions; Essentials and Professional. Most companies who are just starting out will go with Essentials to connect their Magento and Google Analytics.


Connect Multiple Data Sources for a True Data Warehouse


Connect Multiple Data Sources for a True Data Warehouse

If you have the need to pull in more data than just basic Magento tables and Google Analytics, you will need to use the Magento BI Professional solution. With this service, MW2 can build and connect to 100's of different data sources to give your business a true 360-degree view of it's operations and health. Contact us today to get a quote.


Unlock More Data for Greater Insights into your Business


Unlock More Data for Greater Insights into your Business

The sky's the limit when it comes to your Business Intelligence deployment. From Data Mining, Visualization, Business Performance, Forecasting, and Data Integrations; you have the power to see how to let your data drive your future roadmap. Let MW2's team of e-Commerce Data Experts help with setting up and guiding you on the BI journey.

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What our clients say

MW2 is the complete package. All of the work was done in house and always on schedule and budget. Their understanding of ecommerce and usability is a huge factor in the success of this project as well as our other brands at Honeywell.

Director of Ecommerce

Magento Business Intelligence (BI) for some of the biggest names in ecommerce.

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