3 Benefits to Updating Your Online Business

Keep Them Coming Back


Keep Them Coming Back

Consider your own experiences as a buyer, consumer, and shopper. You expect relevant offerings, value, and a delightful experience. These moments of truth in budding customer relationships are the cornerstone to driving loyalty. In a market-driven by convenience and ease of purchase, consider loyalty as the differentiating factor in your competitive growth strategy.


Spend Less, Save More


Spend Less, Save More

Upgrading your online business enables you to improve its overall efficiency. A digital transformation can provide more seamless ways to complete purchases, and provide substantial cost savings with the digitizing of manual tasks.


Data that talks


Data that talks

A digital presence expands access to buyers, clients, prospects, and shoppers. By updating your commerce website, you can improve visibility in your market, and provide always-on opportunities for engagement, enablement, and sales. And in effect, make more informed digital commerce decisions with data.

Some Success Stories

James Free Jewelers

Growing into an online jewelry giant, they needed an upgrade to the Magento 2.3 platform with a robust set of tools to support their digital transformation roadmap.


Helping an iconic brand modernize their pioneering direct sales model of home party selling through a new Magento 2 platform.

Project management is one of their true strengths—they’re masters at it.


I think that MW2’s strongest qualities are its aggressiveness and innovation. Throughout the process they have understood HP’s business needs, articulated them well, and designed solutions to satisfy HP’s customer demands.


MW2 has become our trusted partner. Their hybrid resource model not only saved us in dollars but in time to market with our products. They quickly showed us how to overcome our previous failures with Magento projects. They help to continually contribute to new ideas and features to grow our business.

Chief Technology Officer

MW2 has proven to be a successful partner in our enterprise organization as they have an in-depth capacity which allows us to have access to all different kinds of expertise.

CEO, Central Group


The team is organized and we’re always able to communicate with and contact them when needed.

Senior Systems Analyst