How to retain your customers by outsmarting the competition

Writing a best-in-class CX story


Writing a best-in-class CX story

Today’s successful businesses know that a digital commerce strategy is essential to reach, serve and retain customers. But competition is fierce. The good news and the bad news about CX is that it’s up to you to deliver a winning experience. Merchants need to connect the dots of their customers’ touchpoints with their brand in ways that are meaningful to them. In a competitive market dictated by customer needs, there is no margin for error in delivering engaging, helpful service and shopping navigation. As shoppers move across various activities and channels, you must deliver a consistent experience that maps closely to their interests.


Outpacing and outgrowing the competition


Outpacing and outgrowing the competition

You can learn to adapt and thrive in this never-ending battle. Learn how to outpace your rivals by embracing change to create best-in-class customer experiences. Technology is rapidly evolving, and it’s more easily accessible and affordable than ever before. This increases market competition, as your next big competitor could come from anywhere. The digital revolution has significantly benefited the customer. It is the customer who is reshaping the industry and determining how businesses compete across multiple channels and geographical locations. Staying ahead of the pack depends on how fast and how effectively you respond to their expectations.


Adapting to change, quickly


Adapting to change, quickly

As we all know, the commerce landscape is fast-paced and unpredictable. That’s why you must be ready to go with the right information at the right time. Plus, you must be agile and flexible to consumer and market demands. With attention to data details and a nimble approach, you’ll be set up for success today and tomorrow.

Some Success Stories

LUXASIA \ escentials

Establish a reliable, scalable web presence for a high-end makeup giant with more than 20,000 physical retail locations throughout Asia.

Stella & Dot

Migration onto a new Magento platform and implementation of tools and features to support their unique direct sales business model.

MW2 has become our trusted partner. Their hybrid resource model not only saved us in dollars but in time to market with our products. They quickly showed us how to overcome our previous failures with Magento projects. They help to continually contribute to new ideas and features to grow our business.

Chief Technology Officer

5 of 5 stars. MW2 has done well with handling tight deadlines!

VP of Ecommerce

MW2 is the complete package. All of the work was done in house and always on schedule and budget. Their understanding of ecommerce and usability is a huge factor in the success of this project as well as our other brands at Honeywell.

Director of Ecommerce

MW2 has proven to be a successful partner in our enterprise organization as they have an in-depth capacity which allows us to have access to all different kinds of expertise.

CEO, Central Group


In MW2 we found an extremly reliable global Magento System Integrator who helped us to build a highly flexible and responsive commerce platform to offer all of our customers the best buying experience. MW2 offers everything we needed: professionalism, commerce leadership, deep technical knowledge of Magento 2, and expertise around our SAP and CRM/Microsoft systems.